CheckMarc Check Collection Service

Your business is a key contributor to the success of our community through job creation, innovation and the many ways you give back to the community. When businesses are growing, everybody benefits. We have always had a passion to support merchants like you.

We have a new program called Checkmarc. It’s a service that works to recover bad checks and electronic payments, and allows you the freedom to accept checks with confidence. Checkmarc eliminates the time you spend trying to recover bad checks, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

With Checkmarc you will receive 100% of the face value on all recovered items!

  • FREE service provided by the bank, NO equipment fee, NO set-up fee
  • Dedicated Checkmarc customer service team for all inquiries
  • Secure check-tracking website with 24-hour status on all in-process items
  • And it’s FREE!

Please contact Kimball (320) 398-3500, St Augusta (320) 251-6100, Atwater (320) 974-8861 or Kandiyohi (320) 382-6100 for more information.